Become an ĒMA Affiliate

Scaling into Mission critical markets

ĒMA continues to expand nationally through strategic partnerships to ensure that advocacy is made accessible to every mother in crisis, everywhere. We target communities with high volumes of both poverty and child welfare engagement.

What organizations could implement the ĒMA Program?

Any values-aligned, exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or church currently serving mothers in crisis within any of the following focus areas:

  • Child Welfare 
  • Poverty
  • Community Development
  • Underserved Populations
  • Maternal Health
  • Women Empowerment
  • Unplanned Pregnancy

What is a values-aligned organization? 

ĒMA strategically works with organizations that align with and affirm our core values including:

  • Mothers are at the center of our work 
  • Every human has inherent dignity 
  • Prevention is the key to sustainable impact
  • The Church is our missional partner
  • Advocacy inspires change

Is ĒMA the right program for you?

Take a quick survey with questions about the demographic you serve to find out if the ĒMA program is a good fit for your organization!

Affiliate Timeline

Month 1:
Introduction & Discovery, ĒMA Program Proposal

Month 2:
Site Visit

Month 3: Affiliate Agreement and ĒMA Coordinator in place

Month 4: Training at ĒMA Headquarters

Month 5: Advocate Recruitment & Training

Month 6:
Operations Launch

Month 9:
Quarterly Review

Month 12:
Quarterly Review Year-2 Design Discussion

Month 15:
Quarterly Review

Month 18:
Yearly Review Finalize Year 2

Benefits of becoming an ĒMA Affiliate:

Measurable Impact & Expanded Reach

Community Partnerships

1:1 Advocate Program Model

Grant Writing Templates

On-Site Program Training

Program Manuals

Evidence-Based and Trauma-Informed Curriculum

Interior Design Planning

ĒMA Portal

Dedicated Support Staff

About our affiliate partners

Avail | New York, NY

AVAIL connects women facing unexpected pregnancy with a client advocate who will listen and support them without judgment and without politics. Their goal is to empower women (and men) and help them make confident choices. They also provide resources including insurance help, free medical care and parenting classes. AVAIL is a trusted community organization that has been providing compassionate care to mothers since 1996.

Claris Health | Los Angeles, CA

Claris Health is a nonprofit health clinic in Los Angeles that provides medical care, resources and support to pregnant women and families through a patient advocate. Claris Health connects mothers to a patient advocate to give her personalized care that speaks directly to her needs. Their advocacy goes beyond the medical services they provide pregnant women and those seeking sexual health and mental health services. They offer support groups and community resources. They are fiercely focused on the women they serve, avoiding the politics of reproductive health. Claris Health has been advocating for mothers in Los Angeles for the last 50 years and is now expanding across the county.

Bravely | Lafayette, IN

Bravely Women’s Health is a women’s health clinic in central Indiana that provides advocacy, counseling and community resources to help women feel safe and empowered. Bravely puts the well-being of mothers first, ensuring they feel safe and supported as they navigate challenging situations. This women’s health clinic in central Indiana provides reproductive health services, pregnancy support and parenting resources for mothers at every step of their journey.

WAYS for Life | Melbourne, FL

WAYS for Life, a center serves at-risk young adults in Brevard County, Florida through wrap-around youth services, including care management, housing support, education resources and mentorship. WAYS for Life is focused on providing holistic care to at-risk young adults. One of their target groups is youth transitioning out of foster care — a community that is near and dear to our hearts.